Reasons to Join the Birmingham Astronomical Society

If you are looking for a reason to join here you go... !

  • 1) Monthly lectures held in a modern multi-media lecture theatre - previous guest speakers have included Jocelyn Bell Burnell, discoverer of the pulsar!

  • 2) Discuss astronomy with like-minded people at our Wednesday club nights - we cater for all levels of experience, so beginners with little or no knowledge of astronomy are welcome and will not feel out of place.

  • 3) Get sound advice on buying an astronomical telescope and come along to our star parties where you can have a go at observing through a variety of different scopes.

  • 4) Build your own telescope. We have workshop facilities and members with years of experience who will be happy to help you every step of the way.

  • 5) When you've settled in - borrow one of the Society's telescopes and try it out in your own garden.

  • 6) Browse our comprehensive astronomical library with over 1000 titles to choose from, including some historic books.

  • 7) Enjoy interesting views of the night sky from our Aston University observing platform.

  • 8) Need some material for an article or research? Check out our extensive back catalogue of astronomical journals and magazines.

  • 9) Take advantage of our members' collective experience of astronomical observing: both amateur and professional.

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